ana prado photographer
About Me

Hey there!

My name is Ana Luiza Prado Tavares.
It's a long one I know, so, just call me Ana :)
Firstly I would like to introduce myself... I was born in 1990 in Brazil and lived there my whole life, until 2016 when I moved to Melbourne.
This change, is by far, the best thing that has ever happened to me, I finally feel like I belong somewhere!
Here I fell completely in love with photography and made it my full time business (back in Brazil it was more of a hobby for me, as I used to be a full time Lawyer! haha I know, a Lawyer, what a difference ay).
And if you ask me today if I regret changing my career I will say with all my heart "no f*ing way!" haha!
Being a photographer is learning everyday, about people, feelings, cultures, and most of all, how you can express yourself without the use of words.
Being out there, photographing special moments for other people brings me so much joy and gratitude, after all I'm a person that loves love! I know it may sound cliche, but it's true! I even have "love" tattooed on my skin!
So when it comes to celebrate love, I'm all in!