Melbourne Wedding Photographer

Your wedding day is the official start of your life together and it should be all about what’s real between the two of you.
Being a wedding photographer is about capturing everything that will help you remember your special day exactly how it happened.
It is about capturing your getting ready moments with your dearest ones, to the wild reception moments, and of course, finding the perfect spots as we step away for a bit to capture you two, married couple, for the first time.
I believe that there are no rules when it comes to weddings, so it does not matter if you’re having a traditional one or if you’re eloping. What really matters is the two of you having the best time ever on your big day.
 I’ll be there to help you make those special moments last forever with beautiful images.
If you have any questions please feel free to Contact me, and also, you can check my FAQ – Frequently asked questions.
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Oh, hey there!

I’m Ana. Nice to meet you!

I take photos of weddings, couples, families and events.
In short, I like to take photos of everything.
When I say everything I mean, everything! Soooo, even if you wanna take photos with your pet(s), I'm down for that!

In short, the photographs I take are a reflection of the person I am, of the artistic and cultural influences that I have been receiving over the past 30 years, of the friendships I have, of my love for a person, of the wonderful family that I belong to, of my relationship with the world.
I write with the light I see, and I summarise all of this with the images I produce.

So, if you're keen, I’d love for us to get together while I document a bit of your life and love!